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We are official representative of International Pilot Training Association (IPTA). We enroll students into IPTA affiliate schools in USA, Philippines, Canada, New Zealand & Australia. Get enrolled with us to become a professional pilot thru IPTA.

How to become a Pilot?

In order to become a pilot you need to get enrolled in a well-equipped flight training school. To apply in a flight school for a private pilot course you must be minimum 17yrs old & to apply for Commercial Pilot you must be 18yrs old. Should be high school graduate & must be fluent in English to understand the lessons & instructions. Science background is not mandatory but should have basic knowledge of science to understand the aerodynamics & all other aviation subjects.

Once you have done your basic ground school you will go for your first flight with a certified flight instructor on single engine aircraft. You will be eligible to sit for PPL exam once you have done minimum of 40hours of flying. After this course you will be given CPL course. And then you will be eligible to sit for CPL exam once you have done minimum minimum of 190hours of flying. To get the Pilot Licenses you must pass all your ground class exams & the check-ride exam successfully taken by the civil aviation authority.

Individual Pilot Programs

All courses described below are the Pilot Certifications under the regulation of local Civil Aviation Authority and internationally the ICAO:
Private Pilot License (PPL)
Instrument Rating (IR)
Multi Engine Rating (MER)
Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME IR)
Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
Hour Building
Flight Instructor Rating (FIR)
Flight Instructor Instrument Rating (FI IR)
Multi Engine Flight Instructor (ME FI)
Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)
Jet Orientation Course (JOC)
Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
Type Rating (TR)
Base Training
Line Training

Professional Pilot Programs & Costs

The Integrated 'Ab-Initio' Professional Pilot Training of IPTA are broken down into 3 career programs:

Commercial Pilot Programs : 250 Hours

✈ PROGRAM ‘‘A’’ : Zero to CPL =$45,000 (PPL, IR, MER, CPL), 8 months
✈ PROGRAM ‘‘B’’ : Zero to CPL =$50,000 (PPL, IR, MER, MEIR, CPL), 10 months

Flight Instructor Pilot Programs : 300 Hours (up to 1500hours)

✈ PROGRAM ‘‘C’’ : Zero to FIR  =$60,000 (PPL, IR, MER, MEIR, CPL, FIR), 12 months
✈ PROGRAM ‘‘D’’ : Zero to FIIR =$70,000 (PPL, IR, MER, MEIR, CPL, FIR, FIIR/MEIR), 14 months [Job Guaranteed]

Airline Pilot Programs : 300 Hours

✈ PROGRAM ‘‘E’’ : Zero to ATPL =$60,000 (PPL, IR, MER, MEIR, CPL, MCC, ATPL), 16 months
✈ PROGRAM ‘‘F’’ : Zero to TR     =$80,000 (PPL, IR, MER, MEIR, CPL, MCC, ATPL, Type Rating), 18 months.

Payment System      : Four installments (40%+20%+20%+20%), each due at two-months intervals thereafter
Training Type         : Airplane and Helicopter Pilot Training
Aircraft Type         : Single-engine & Multi-engine Airplane (fixed wing) and Helicopter
Type Rating           : Airbus 320, A330, Boeing 737, B757, B767, ATR 42/72
Simulator Training   : Redbird FMX, AATD, MCX
Accommodation      : Available. Approx $1,000/month in USA & Canada, approx $500-$600 per month in Philippines.

Note: Our training programs are designed with minimum of 200 hours to 300 hours. However, the programs can be customized with the multi engine aircraft and increasing hours.

Requirements for Admission

1. Applicant must be 17-35yrs old
2. Able to communicate in English
3. Capable enough to afford all educational expenses
4. Minimum O’ level or A’ Level, High School Graduate/GED
5. Have NO severe health problems (i.e vertigo, epilepsy, HIV virus & color blind)

Visa Assistance

We will guide you to get done all your admission processing from ‘A to Z’ & as well as the visa processing without any difficulty in short time. We have experienced visa counselor who will assist you to get the student visa of USA or Canada or Philippines.

Job is guaranteed if you you take ‘Zero to FIIR or MEFI’ program


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Become a Pilot in Philippines, admission is going on..

Why Train in Philippines?

• Become a Commercial Pilot in 10months
• Job placement available upon completion the course
• Less living expenses than USA/Canada (approx $500 per month)
• Easy to get a Philippines visa in two weeks only without any difficulty
• Excellent weather, fly over worlds most beautiful islands
• FAA certified instructor & all latest aircraft
• Philippines is FAA ‘Category 1’ country
• License is well accepted in USA by FAA
• Pilot license obtained in Philippines is issued by CAAP under ICAO which is recognized all over the world.
• License can be validated in any ICAO listed country.



1. Valid passport(6 months)
2. Minimum ‘A’ level or HSC certificate(all academic transcript)
3. Completed Application form
4. Medical certificate (if any)
5. Documentation of your financial support to cover all expenses
6. Good English proficiency or IELTS/ TOEFL test scores

Anyone who is financially capable can apply for a visit visa in any country. The tourist visa can be issued for a short period of time for up to six months. To apply for a visit visa for any country please contact to our office.


1. Financial document
2. Good Professional Profile
3. NOC letter
4. Hotel booking papers
5. Air ticket (If required)

Basically, you want your processing service to be reliable, versatile (it should enable you to accept all forms of payment from anywhere) and secure. So be prepared to pay, we provide online credit card payment (ex: SEVIS FEE, ONLINE SHOPPING etc)

Our offices are open from 10am-7pm Saturday thru Thursday.

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